Sep 14, 2016

Review: Arctic Zero's New Pints!

I was SO bummed when, after an absolutely gorgeous labor day weekend full of lovely strolls on perfect high 60s-low 70s days, the summer decided to make a return visit and burn me up with 90-something scorcher days.

So I was SO thrilled when a surprise package from Arctic Zero showed up on my doorstep! Exactly what I wanted to help me cool down on these hot days.

The Flavors:

Arctic Zero Review

The original creators of healthy, high protein, low-sugar and low-fat 'ice cream' are constantly coming up with new brilliant ideas and their Chunky pints are the perfect addition to their line! 

The creamy ones get the flavor and the light, sweet, cool treat thing right, but I've always been all about the mix-ins in my ice cream. Now there's healthy ice cream with mix-ins!

Arctic Zero

All the flavors are so good, but my favorites are definitely the chunky ones. Brownie Blast is a creamy chocolate base with chewy chocolate brownie chunks swirled in. 

The Banana Pudding flavor is intensely banana-y with classic vanilla wafers throughout. So yummy!

Snickerdoodle Dandy is cinnamony with yummy sugar cookies swirled throughout. So good!

But let's not ignore the creamy flavors. I'm not a big fan of fruit flavored ice cream usually, but the Poppin Pomegranate is great topped with strawberries!

Arctic Zero Review

I went with frozen strawberries because I'm burning up in this heat.

What are your favorite hot weather snacks?

Do you prefer ice cream with or without mix-ins?


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