Sep 28, 2016

Review: Toosum Bars

I love snack bars! Skeptical? Just check out my comprehensive list of the many, many, many bars I have tried, photographed, and reviewed over the years.

Clearly, I like bars.

But when you're just feeling a little peckish and you don't want a big bar, or you're packing a snack for a kid at school and a full sized protein or granola bar is just too big. And who wants to eat half the bar and leave the other half in an open packet, to dry out?

Luckily, there's a solution.

The healthy, gluten-free snack bar:

Toosum bars are the perfect size for a small snack or a brown bag pack-along.

Toosum bars are 100 calorie gluten-free oatmeal bars. They call themselves 'bites with benefits' and live up to the claim. All four flavors (blueberry & greek yogurt, coconut & banana, cherry & plum, and cranberry & acai) are made of gluten-free, whole grain oats, brown rice flour, and healthy nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. 

All bars are also under 10g of sugar, so you're not accidentally having candy when what you wanted was a healthy snack.

They also taste great! That, of course, is the ultimate taste - a bar can be as healthy as it likes and no one (at least not this girl) is going to eat it if it tastes like cardboard or is as trying to eat at a Charleston Chew.

The cranberry & acai bars are my absolute favorite - the sweet tart fruity flavor pairs perfectly with the chewy oats and they're just so good! 

The other flavors are all great, too, however, and I love the coconut & banana bars for rainy days. They taste like a tropical escape!

Toosum bars are definitely going to be a staple in my backpack and handbag, for healthy and delicious snacking on the go!

Do you carry snacks in your bag? 

What are your favorite portable snacks?


  1. I tried the cranberry and acai one and absolutely loved it!


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