Sep 22, 2016

Review: Vitalicious Deep Chocolate VitaTops

Sometimes it can be hard to marry a vicious sweet tooth and the desire to eat healthy. Fruits make a delicious and healthy dessert, but sometimes you just want chocolate!

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

VitaTops Deep Chocolate is the solution. It's whole grain, loaded with vitamins (but tastes way better than taking a multivitamin) and so, so chocolatey. I had tried (and enjoyed) VitaTops before, so I was excited to try the new formula. 

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

A Guilt-Free Chocolate Indulgence:

You should never feel guilty about indulging yourself, even with the full-fat, full-sugar, full-calorie version of sweet treats. It's all about moderation.

Some treats, however, are best left for now and then, rather than a daily indulgence. With Deep Chocolate VitaTops, you get all the indulgence in a healthy enough treat for every day!

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

I love that they're whole grain, a lot tastier than a daily multivitamin but provide a lot of the same good stuff, and are lower in sugar than other chocolatey baked goods!

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

I also think it's super convenient and thoughtful that they print the ingredients and nutrition label on every individual package. Sometimes you're curious and don't happen to have the box with you! 

It's also particularly helpful if you pack one from lunch and want to check for allergens before sharing with a friend.

Have you tried Deep Chocolate VitaTops?

What are your favorite kinds of desserts?

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