Oct 25, 2016

How to Stay Fit on The Go

I'm currently split between Boston and NYC for work.

There are a lot of tricky logistics that come with living between two cities - choosing which one is home with a full time apartment (Boston for me), finding a part-time apartment in the other city, managing travel and doing cost-benefit analyses for different modes of transportation, etc.

Fitness on the Go

Another thing that gets trickier when you're not consistently living in one place is being healthy! You can't stock up on vitamin-packed produce when you're only going to be somewhere for two days. Getting two gym memberships generally doesn't feel worth it, especially when all the time lost in commute cuts into the time you'd usually have to work out.

How to stay fit on the go

But being healthy feels good and has countless benefits for wellness, productivity, happiness, etc. Here is how I stay fit with my on-the-go lifestyle!

5 Ways to Stay Fit on The Go:

1) Practice sneaky fitness.

Stairs, taking the long way, getting off the subway a station too early, etc. Ten to twenty minutes of yoga when I wake up is one of my favorite ways to start the day. You can do it in your PJs!

Sneaky Fitness

It doesn't have to happen in a gym to be good for your body!

2) When you can sneak in a jog, get to know your neighborhood that way.

Jogging is the gym-free workout that you can do pretty much anywhere and it's a great way to get your heart pumping. Of course, as part of living on the go, you're probably spending a lot of time commuting and don't have as much left over for exercise. 

It doesn't have to be a long jog! Even fifteen or twenty minutes makes a difference for your health.

3) Increase workout intensity.

Make up for having less time to work out by working out more intensely! 

Fitness on the Go

Instead of a slow, steady paced jog for thirty minutes, do fifteen minutes of sprint intervals. If you have access to a gym, but still limited time, choose 20 minutes of real effort on the rowing machine instead of forty minutes on the elliptical.

Since you have less time, make the most of the time you have!

4) Stock up on frozen fruits and vegetables.

Stocking up on fresh produce doesn't work when you're in and out. It goes bad before you have the chance to eat it! 

Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutrient-packed as fresh, however, and they last much longer! Choosing frozen produce minimizes waste and makes eating healthy easy!

Healthy Eating on the Go

You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as part of the inevitable meals out that come with lots of travel.

5) Get sleep and don't stress.

In the end, being healthy isn't about perfection. Get sleep, take care of your whole self (mental well-being and relaxation counts, too!), and enjoy your life. It's too short (and fun!) not to.

How do you stay fit on the go?

How often do you travel for work?

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