Oct 16, 2016

Review: Healthy Chef Creations Vegetarian Meal Delivery

Healthy gourmet meals, made for you, and delivered fresh - never frozen - nationwide? To this busy girl, that sounded pretty great. 

I love cooking and baking and spending quality time with my kitchen, but sometimes life gets crazy and having a few days, or a week, where the food just magically shows up ready to eat can be a godsend. Enter Healthy Chef Creations!

Healthy Chef Creations' menu is spa-inspired and delivered weekly all across the US in individually packaged meals, snacks, and desserts that are fresh and never frozen. 

              Healthy Vegan Meal

As long as you transfer them to your fridge immediately, they'll last for a week. It's healthy, it's fresh, and the dishes are even tempting to non-healthnuts.

Going on a diet

They offer meal delivery programs and a la carte meals suitable for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and/or people on gluten-free diets. You can customize your meals accordingly! And it's always natural and organic.

Healthy Chef Creations: The Food

I tried two days of vegan meals. There were delicious apple cinnamon muffins with pistachios and grapes for breakfast, tortilla chips and fresh veggies with vegan ranch for snacks, 2 spa juices for a green pick me-up, two sweet mini desserts for when the sweet tooth strikes, and nutritiously balanced lunches and dinners in recyclable, BPA-free plastic TV dinner trays.

Green Juice for weight loss
Healthy Chef Creations Spa Juice
The juices were lightly - very lightly - sweet green juices with a citrusy tang. Maybe lemon? 

None of the food is labeled with ingredients or nutrition information, which is a bit disappointing for the curious, but the juices tasted good and were light and refreshing.

Veggie Platter with Ranch Dip
Healthy Chef Creations Veggie Platter with Ranch
The tortilla chips were crunchy yellow corn chips and the veggie platter with ranch was fresh and crisp. Both made great snacks!

Most of the meals traveled well (even the muffins and grapes stayed perfectly fresh and well-formed and delicious) with one exception.

Healthy Chef Creations Vegetarian Chili

The white bean vegetarian chili opened and made a bit of a mess in the box. Bummer!

But once I poured the soup into a bowl and heated it up, it was delicious!

Vegetarian Chili

There are plenty of yummy white beans, it's flavorful and hearty, and not at all runny.

I'm always skeptical of vegetarian soups and chili, because I've had too many experiences when they've been runny, bland, or otherwise unsatisfying. But this one made a great lunch on a cold, rainy Saturday, especially with the crunchy tortilla chips!

Dessert time, right? This sweet crumble was so good and, since I'm only vegetarian and not actually vegan, it was even better enjoyed with a scoop of creamy ice cream on top. Yum!

The mini dessert size was perfect to satisfy a mid-day sweet tooth without weighing me down when I had loads of things to do. 

When you're busy and most need a service like Healthy Chef Creations, the last thing you want to do is need a midday nap after an overly heavy meal. With Healthy Chef Creations, I was never in danger of that, but always satisfied!

Vegetarian Wrap with Hummus

I liked that they packaged the wrap and the hummus/veggies/oil (in its own container) separately, so the wrap didn't get soggy. I also liked that they chose a whole grain wrap! The veggies were crisp and the hummus was creamy and flavorful. Another yummy lunch!

Healthy Chef Creations Brownie

The brownie looked a little chocolatier than it tasted, but it was still delicious. I liked that it was nicely dense and not too cakey.

Healthy Chef Creations Vegetarian Meal

I forgot the name of this dish, but it was so good - roasted sweet potatoes, flavorful broccoli, and tofu, veggies, and rice sitr-fried together. It was a delicious and filling meal!

Healthy Chef Creations Meal

I don't normally eat many fake-meat or fake-cheese products, so I was skeptical of this meal at first. But there were lots of almonds (YUM) and chopped apples with raisins, so I knew I'd love at least that.

Healthy Vegan Meal

I actually really liked the stuffed peppers, too! The vegan cheese actually melted and the filling was really filling and the sort of stick-to-your ribs food that satisfies a hungry girl after a long day at work.

Overall, I really enjoyed my Healthy Chef Creations experience and would definitely recommend them when you're busy or need a healthy nudge to reset unhealthy habits. I would order again!

How do you get a healthy reset?

What are your favorite healthy meals?


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