Oct 4, 2016

Review: Honey Ridge Farms Honey Cremes

I love honey! It's probably my favorite sweetener and it's all natural to boot.

Did you know that honey has antibacterial properties? That's why it's great to have in hot tea (preferably hot peppermint tea) when you're sick. That, and it coats your throat and makes it feel better. I, fortunately, haven't gotten my first cold of the season yet *knock on wood* but my poor co-workers are dropping like flies. They need tea with honey!

I also love honey in my oatmeal, honey on my granola, honey drizzled over acai bowls, bananas and apples dipped in honey, and peanut butter honey sandwiches (also honey cookies). 

When I eat honey on bread, my favorite way to eat it is crystallized! You can either put liquid honey in a jar, let it sit in direct sunlight for a week or two, and wait for it to harden into sweet and delicious crystals. Or you can get Honey Ridge Farms honey cremes!

Honey Ridge Farms Honey Cremes

I love that it's high quality honey and that the honey cremes come in a variety of flavors!

Honey Creme Lavender has a delicate floral taste that's perfect on a light, sweet bread, like my challah.

Honey Creme Lemon has a strong sweet-tart flavor that turns a slice of sourdough into a dessert that reminds me of spring!

Honey Creme Coconut is amazing on a grainy bread and tastes absolutely tropical on coconut butter.

But my favorite, at least for this time of year? Honey Creme Spiced! It's warm and spicy and sweet and tastes like cool fall days and crisp mornings snuggling under blankets. It's the perfect autumnal spread.

The jars are cutely packaged, so they make great gifts, too. Definitely something to think about, given all the upcoming gift-giving holidays!

What is your favorite way to eat honey?

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