Nov 29, 2016

New Detour Simple Bar Review: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond!

There's a new Detour Simple bar flavor and it's chocolatey, nutty, and delicious!

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond sound delicious and the bars don't disappoint! They're sweet and taste like candy, but their nutrition stats are quite different.

With 20g of protein, no gluten, no GMOs, and only 4g of sugar, it's the fittest candy bar you'll find. 

I like that a protein blend is the first ingredient, as it should be in a protein bar, but the list is a little long for my liking. The nutritional stats are great, but with these bars that comes at the sacrifice of all 'whole foods' ingredients. That said, the nutritional stats are still great, the bars are a better replacement for a traditional chocolate bar, and overall they get a thumbs up!

The chocolate coating is creamy and delicious and chocolatey with no weird artificial sweetener aftertaste.

The inside is chewy, like a thick layer of nougat topped with perfectly crunchy almond and a bit of caramel. I don't distinctly taste the sea salt out of the bar, but I wouldn't change a thing about the flavor. They're delicious! They're a great snack and even, in a pinch, a tasty lunch when paired with greek yogurt and a banana.

Have you tried the new Detour Simple bars?

What are your favorite protein bars?

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