Dec 19, 2016

My Favorite Things to do on a Cold Day!

The polar vortex is returning!

Polar Vortex Meme Funny

I still remember the iconic day of polar vortex-dom for me last winter - we decided to go to brunch, completely failing to check the weather forecast and relying instead on the beautiful sun shining in on us from my window. We bundled up - it was winter in NYC, after all - and made ourselves on our way, only to be greeted by a blast of icy cold air the moment we stepped outside.

But this is brunch, guys, and we're not quitters.

Lord of the Rings Meme Funny

Luckily, I lived really close to the subway station, so getting on the train wasn't a problem. On the other end, however, our brunch destination of choice - we had decided to try Siggy's Good Food at 292 Elizabeth Street in NoHo - was a bit of a walk from the subway. That, or I had terribly misdirected us, as would not be atypical of my navigation skills.

...I'm going to go with Siggy's just wasn't close to the subway.

It took us over thirty minutes to make it from the subway stop to Siggy's. We stopped in every third or fourth storefront to huddle for warmth, before sprinting a bit further down the sidewalk. Our longest stop was in a very heavily perfumed Hollister, where we tried to see if we could zip ourselves into one coat for more warmth. It turns out, two people trying to wear one coat do not have an easy time staying upright. That failed.

Anyway, finally we arrived at Siggy's, a hipsterish cafe well-suited to the neighborhood and run by alien-loving hippies, and had a delicious, and most importantly, warm, brunch. I drank so much tea.

Salad at Siggy's Good Food in NoHo
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I chose the Splendid Raw Slaw Salad with Sesame Kale and Cabbage. I'm incredibly picky about dressings and if it isn't amazing, I don't want it. I really liked the dressing that came with this salad. Whoa!

I also quite enjoyed the alien smiling down on me from the wall and, most of all, thawing out near the roaring fireplace.

Still, going on a let's-find-the-new-brunch-spot adventure isn't what I'd recommend as a typical polar vortex day activity, especially when temperatures are so low that my roommate took a "cold day" (think: 'snow day') off from work last week, because he refused to leave the house. Here are some cozier alternatives!

What to do on a Cold Day:

1. Finally do all your errands around the house.

When it's nice out and there's ice skating, snowman-building, and adventuring to be enjoyed, doing the laundry, changing the sheets, cleaning the bathroom, and de-greasing the oven aren't exactly tempting. Take advantage of the frigid conditions to knock all these boring musts off of your to-do list, so you can enjoy the nicer weather when it returns.

But even chores shouldn't be all work and no play. I like to make mine more fun by doing the folding and ironing while watching a movie, listening to fun music while I clean (/dance), and wrapping up the errands by rewarding myself with some fun home-spa things, like a DIY facial or manicure!

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful Home Spa Facials
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2. Have a baking bonanza.

A cold day is the perfect time to add some warmth to your home from the oven. Baking is fun, ends with delicious products, and is the perfect wintry-day-in activity! 

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
My Chewy Chococonut Cookies

Check out my recipes for ideas.

3. Make some progress on your watch-list. 

Have you been meaning to finally see what all the buzz about Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Orange is the New Black, or Lord of the Rings is? A freezing cold day lends itself perfectly to cuddling up under the covers and having a movie/Netflix watchathon! 

That's just a start of what you can do on a cold day - you could also read, write, study, host a dance party (if your friends are more willing to venture out into the cold), or, if you're an avid shopper, a mall visit could be fun.

What are your favorite cold day activities?

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