Dec 27, 2016

Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

I love the holidays! And I'm so sad that Christmas is over and I have to wait another year for more Christmas. I've traveled the last two Christmases (Paris - I'm in Paris right now!) and plan to stay home next Christmas so I can do the whole big tree, baking cookies on a cozy Christmas Eve thing.

But the unfortunate thing about winter is that, in between the holiday festivities and lovely snow storms, there's also cold and flu season. Getting sick is never any fun! Here's how to stay healthy this winter and, if you do catch something, how to get better again quickly.

How to avoid getting sick:

Get 7+ hours of sleep per night.

Getting too little sleep can compromise your immune system. Sure, there's a lot to do and you're worried that you won't get it all done if you don't stay up late, but too many late nights can mean the difference between being healthy and under the weather. If you get sick, you might have to take entire days off and that's so much less efficient. Aim for at least seven or eight hours of shuteye per night!

Eat fruits and vegetables.

Getting plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin C, can strengthen your immune system and help keep you healthy. If you feel something coming on, or everyone around you is falling ill, try to up your citrus intake. Oranges, orange juice, or lemons squeezed into hot tea are all good options!
Douzo Boston

Eating more produce doesn't have to be bland!

Stay hydrated.

Being dehydrated makes it harder to fight infection. Here's yet another reason to drink up!

Stay warm.

Being cold hampers our defense against falling ill. So while viruses make you sick, being cold effectively makes you sick, too!

Girl in a coat

Bundle up! Mom was right about the coat.

Wash your hands.

Germs can live on all sorts of surfaces and we touch things all day. Wash your hands often and thoroughly, with soap and warm water, to avoid unnecessary exposure.

What if you do get sick? Read on for what to do to recover faster.

What to do if you get sick:

Take a sick day early.

Don't try to tough it out. You'll only spread your cold if you go into work or school when you're coughing and sneezing and miserable. Not only that, but taking a day off early to get some rest and take care of your body can help you avoid falling so ill that you have to take multiple days off.

Get extra sleep.

Being sick stresses your body. Give it the rest it needs and take it easy so that your body can fight off the bugs!

Drink lots of herbal tea with lemon and honey.

Breathing in the hot steam from tea stimulates your cilia (hair follicles in your nose) to expel germs more efficiently. Lemon gives you vitamin C and honey is antibacterial!

I hope you all have a very healthy, happy holiday season!

What do you do to avoid getting sick?

What do you do to feel better when you are sick?

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