Jan 4, 2017

How to Make New Year's Resolutions Stick

It's a shiny new year! 2016 was really great for me in very many ways, but there's always something exciting about starting a whole new year.

Many of us make new resolutions in the new year, but many of us also find it hard to make those resolutions stick past the first week of January.

New Year's Resolutions

Here's how to set yourself up for success this year and not let broken resolutions get you down!

1. Set reasonable resolutions.

I can't tell you how many resolutions I've seen on various social media channels, and heard of from various friends, that start in a good place but are set up in a way that makes it impossible to keep them.

For example, many people want to eat healthier. That's a very reasonable goal to have! But the specific resolutions that spring out of that are things like 'NO chocolate or sweets.' Something that starts with a blanket 'no' is generally not going to be sustainable. 

New Year's resolutions are meant to be kept for the year or forever, not for a few weeks. Diets can ban things, but if you try to completely ban something from a lifelong goal, you're bound to fail. Besides that, there's no reason to never eat chocolate or sweets again! It's all about the balance.

Healthy Dessert

A much more reasonable resolution is something moderate, that's actually reasonable for the long-term. For example, 'have chocolate or sweets no more than X times per week' or 'eat three or more servings of vegetables a day.' Those are actually doable and a moderate resolution you keep is more effective than an extreme resolution you don't!

2. Find a community.

It's hard to go it alone when it comes to changing your lifestyle in any appreciable way. Finding a friend who shares your goal, whether that's working out more or writing more, makes it much easier to stick to it. Holding each other accountable can be really helpful!

How to stick to a diet

Even if none of your real-life friends share the same resolution as you're going for this year, social media makes it easy to connect with a community of people that you can check in with about your goals.

3. Remember life isn't all or nothing.

This circles back to the first point about making reasonable resolutions, but it goes a little further than that. Life is unpredictable and that's one of the exciting things about it! Sometimes that unpredictability makes it hard to stick perfectly to your resolutions. But perfect isn't the point of life! If you mess up, don't feel down about yourself and give up on the whole resolution. Accept that life happens and move on to try again the next day!

Did you make New Years Resolutions this year? 

If so, what are they?

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