Jan 9, 2017

Style Post: Winter Wear

I love winter! But now that my favorite part of the season (the holiday season) is over, the temperatures are starting to fall hard and fast. Brr!

Beautiful girl

It's getting colder than ever, but that's no reason to hibernate indoors for months on end or to forgo anything resembling style in favor of massive muumuus and anything else to keep us warm. 

Especially in winter, with its short days and uptick in colds and flus dragging the general mood down, I like to wear bright colors to add some cheer to every day.

Pretty biracial girl

A big new Primark just opened in Boston this past fall (or possibly already in the summer) and I found this bright yellow sweater there! It's the perfect amount of pep for a grey winter day and it's warm, too. 

Function and fashion unite!

Girl in Coat

I like mixing classic, pricier pieces - like this Burberry coat - with trendy, cheaper pieces - like this Primark sweater. It's a nice balance!

Girl in Burberry Coat

I also got these leggings at Primark!

They're a million times better than normal leggings. Guess why?

Happy girl in winter

They're lined with soft 'fur' that not only makes them super soft and comfortable, but also incredibly warm. Sometimes I'm even too warm in them!

To complete the look, I paired the outfit with my Tory Burch riding boots.

Tory Burch Boots

...not that I've actually ridden a horse more than ten or twenty times in my life.

Mixed girl in winter jacket

Now I'm just waiting for a proper blizzard to swing through Boston! Or NYC, since I'll be spending more of my days there again as of next month!

Photography by Saleema Photography

What are your favorite winter outfits?

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