Feb 24, 2017

My Top 10 Favorite Places to Eat in NYC

NYC has so much good food and that seems to count doubly for plantbased food. From acai bowls to raw vegan lasagna and sushi that's all vegan and fish-free (Beyond Sushi, you're on my to-eat list!), there's anything and everything you could possibly want to eat!

...and some that you'd rather not. When there's so much good food, it's a pity to waste up precious stomach space on mediocre meals. Especially if you're only in NYC briefly, you should just eat the good stuff.

So here's my list of my top ten vegetarian- and vegan-friendly food places in NYC! Some are totally plantbased and others offer options for omnivores, but also plenty of vegetarian options.

1) Juice Press

These are all over the city and I, for one, am thrilled about that! Sure, their juices are refreshing and oh-so-good for you, their smoothies are delicious, and their acai bowls are satisfying and scrumptious. But what really takes Juice Press over the top is their raw foods section.

Juice Press Raw Hummus Wrap

My hands-down favorite is the raw hummus wrap, but the raw falafel salad is a close second. 

Juice Press Raw Falafel Salad

The get rich quick sushi and other salads are great, too! 

The only thing I don't love as much here is the raw ravioli and that's solely because it's served on a bed of arugula and I think arugula is a vile weed that belongs in the garden and not on a fork.

2) Juice Generation

These are also super easy to find - there's even one in the infamously barren financial district! Again, their juices and smoothies are delicious, but the real treat is the food. I used to love their raw vegan sushi, but they replaced all their raw vegan options of with cooked 'Vegan 4 Lunch' offerings. I don't like that several of them now use processed 'Beyond Meat' products. I'm vegetarian, in large part, because I don't like meat!

Juice Generation Kale Salad

They don't look as good to me, so I haven't tried most of them, but the raw kale salad is delicious. And the acai bowls, especially the almond one, are always winners!

3) Wild Ginger

It's pan-Asian vegan fusion cuisine done right. If you're ever in the SoHo area, it's definitely worth checking out! I've never had a subpar meal here, seating times aren't crazy, reservations are generally not necessary, and the prices are only standard NYC-inflated and not actually obscene.

I love that they have a really great hijiki seaweed salad with edamame and that they serve kabocha in an addictive sweet, brothy sauce!

4) Peacefood Cafe

I love all their veggie dishes that I've tried so far! I was slightly less crazy about the one salad I tried, but the nachos are amazing (and I'm not even a nachos person) and the raw sushi looks SO good. I haven't tried it yet, but I need to!

Fortunately for all hungry New Yorkers, there's a UWS location and a Soho location.

5) Sakagura

This is my go-to example when I tell people about super weird, super New York food places. It's a really nice sushi restaurant where it's impossible to get a weekend dinner reservation without a few weeks' notice and the food is all top quality, as is the ambience.

...but it's in the basement of a sketchy looking building in midtown that always seems to be under construction and the lack of real signage makes it a struggle to find. Entering the restaurant feels more like what I'd imagine going to a 'Thai massage' parlor would be like than a fancy restaurant. But once you pass the front desk, it's a really great fancy date spot! And for upscale food in midtown NYC, the prices aren't crazy (though it's definitely not for a frugal foodie).

6) Nanoosh

I've been on such a falafel kick since the fall and I love that their falafel are baked! They're flavorful, not greasy, and make for delicious Power Plates. Yum, yum, yum! And, conveniently for me, I'm living around the corner from one for a few more weeks.

7) Siggi's Good Food

I first tried this SoHo brunch spot on a freezing cold date in the middle of a polar vortex, so my fond recollection of its warm fireplace thawing me out definitely colors my experience. Still, the food is fresh and relatively farm-to-table, and the hippie-ish alien decor is hilarious. It's a fun, hipster place to eat!

8) Dimes

Their acai bowls and salads are amazing! Though they're also very popular on the weekend, despite being inconvenient to access if you live along the 2/3 train and not the east side or middle downtown, the food is so good that they're always busy. If you're planning a long brunch of gossiping with the girls, you might want to choose someplace else - they will try to hurry you out a bit if you try to linger after finishing your meal.

9) Two Hands

They're a must for brunch. The acai bowl, granola, avocado toast, and banana bread are all so delicious! Thanks, Aussies.

10) Bluestone Lane

It's another Aussie hit, but this time uptown. The location on the UES, right off of Central Park and around the museums, makes it perfect for a lunch, brunch, or a casual dinner after some active fun in the park or museum adventures. The zucchini bread comes highly recommended from a good friend of mine and I can't say enough for the salads and avocado toast. Yum!

What are your favorite food places in NYC?

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