Feb 22, 2017

My Top 5 Beauty Necessities

As an actress, looking my best is important when it comes to auditions and booking work.

As a woman, looking my best is part of feeling my best.

As a busy young professional, I don't have the time to spend hours on drawn-out beauty routines and, even if I did have that time, I'd rather spend it on something else. That's why my beauty routine is all about speed, simplicity, and efficiency!

Here are my top five beauty essentials for travel, home, and day-to-day looking well and feeling well in under five minutes.

My Top 5 Beauty Essentials

1) Olay SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer

As a healthy twenty-something, there's no need to spend $80 on a beautiful vial of whatever potion is supposed to give my skin magical powers of luminosity. Instead, a simple light daily moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated while the bit of SPF coverage is something your future self will thank you for.

Healthy Skin Advice

I like Olay SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer because it has what I need, isn't heavy or greasy, and only costs $5-$10 per bottle!

2) Labello Cherry Shine Lip Balm

Especially when traveling (airplane air is so dry) or in the winter, my lips get chapped! Chapped lips aren't cute or comfortable and Labello lip balm makes my lips soft and supple with the application ease of Chapstick.

Labello Cherry Shine Lip Balm

I like the Labello Cherry Shine Lip Balm, because it does the double duty of adding a touch of natural color in a non-dramatic way.

3) Mascara

Darkening your lashes makes a big difference in pulling the attention to your eyes and also adding some color differentiation to your face, so you look less monotone. Especially if you have a face that looks a little tired without any makeup, a little mascara can perk you up without taking a lot of time or makeup, or making you look overdone.

I'm still figuring out which mascara is my favorite, but I'm a fan of Physician's Formula Fake Out Mascara, Maybelline Great Lash, and NYX Va Va Voom for now.

4) Glossier Boy Brow

I'm not a Brow Girl at all - you know, the sort of pluck and tweeze and shape and contour and color their brows into two pretty patches on their forehead. That said, brows can have a real impact on how your face looks, since they're right there and can serve to frame your other features. I don't pluck them or shape them, but making sure that all the hairs are going in more or less the same direction makes you look more polished. 

Top 5 Beauty Essentials

I like Glossier Boy Brow because it's an eyebrow gel that holds the hairs in place, is easy to brush on, and adds a little tint to fill out your brows at the same time.

5) A healthy lifestyle.

You can't buy this one in a store or zip it up in a cute little brow bag, but I'd say that it's the most essential beauty necessity of them all. When you take care of yourself, you feel better and it shows. 

Drinking enough, sleeping enough, eating healthy, and not stressing too much can do wonders to give you that healthy, natural glow, keep your eyes bright, and keep you looking your best with or without makeup. There are no shortcuts here, but it's worth it!

What's your favorite mascara? 

Suggestions for new ones to try are always welcome!


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