Feb 28, 2017

SmartCakes: A Review

SmartCakes and SmartBuns are the low-carb, low-calorie products from Smart-Baking Company, a company that strives to make traditional carby snacks accessible to dieters and anyone else looking for a lighter alternative.

Low calorie snack cake

It's great to offer a healthy cake alternative, but what good does it do anyone if it doesn't taste good? So many diet foods taste like cardboard, plastic, or just not the food that they're modeled after. I liked the variety of flavors offered by SmartCake - Chocolate, Coconut, and Cinnamon - and was excited to try them.

Diet Review

At 38 calories per little cake (there are two in a package, which most people will eat as a serving, so that's 76 calories per package) I didn't really know what to expect. That's a fraction of what traditional snack cakes clock in at.

SmartCake Review

I like that the cakes come in individual little boxes. It's a cute presentation and fun to eat! It also makes sense once you try the cake, because they are SO SOFT. Cake should be soft and these aren't dense at all, but it also makes sense that they manage to keep their stats so low once you feel how airy the texture is. They're not substantial and you're not going to get full of eating one or even both cakes. 

That said, cake isn't really the food that you should reach for when you're looking to satisfy real hunger anyway. If you're just eating the cakes as a sweet snack to occupy a bored sweet tooth or to finish off a meal, their airy texture makes it clear that they're not the real deal, but the flavor is really great and they're really sweet, but not quite to the point of cloying.

All three flavors were good, but my favorite Smart-Baking Company product is SmartBun. I was surprised! I rarely eat hamburger buns and am not a huge fan, but these really impressed me.

SmartBun Review

They're also soft and airy, airier than traditional buns, but they're a lot more substantial than the cakes. They're also sweet, which wouldn't make these a good fit for a burger (in my opinion) but makes them absolutely perfect for a breakfast bun!

I love them smothered in peanut butter and jam, sandwiching a chocolate bar, or toasted with nutella and banana slices. Of course, all of that completely negates the whole diet-conscious bit, but I'm not on a diet. If you are, I imagine these would also be great toasted with cream cheese and sliced banana or enjoyed with a more moderate portion of peanut butter. Low carb or not, they're great!

What are your favorite traditionally carby snacks?

What is your favorite thing to eat on a bun?


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