Mar 13, 2017

Review and a Discount: LipSense Long-Lasting Lipcolor

I love lip gloss! But it's so annoying when it smudges or kisses off onto my cup. LipSense claims that it doesn't kiss-off, smear-off, or wear-off. It should last all day.

LipSense Review

...but I've heard that before. And, spoiler, it didn't mean much. I was pretty skeptical when I heard of LipSense. But the colors are pretty and I've heard good things about it on Instagram, so I decided it a go.

I chose Blu-Red, because red lips are so fun and dramatic, but they're also the hardest to wear. I don't want red lipstick sliding around on my face or kissing off onto my mug - not cute.

LipSense Blu Red Review

Before applying LipSense, you're supposed to clean and exfoliate your lips with a damp cloth, toothbrush, or sugar scrub. I used a homemade sugar scrub from Liz Bonner, who also sellsLipSense. It felt great and made my lips immediately a bit softer, so is probably in general a good lip care practice.

I noticecd a few differences between LipSense Blu-Red and the lipsticks and lipglosses I'm used to as soon as I opened the tube. While lip glosses are usually sweet smelling and lipsticks are mild, LipSense smells like makeup remover. No shock, given that the first ingredient is alcohol, but still unusual.

Second, it's a much different consistency than sticky lipgloss or creamy lipstick. It's thin and goes on easily. Given that you're supposed to apply three thin layers of LipSense, with 5-10 seconds of dry time between, that's a good thing.

You're also supposed to apply LipSense in one stroke each time, moving in just one direction. That's easier said than done! It wasn't super hard but I did mess up once. Fortunately, one of the three tubes included is a corrector. It took it right off!

LipSense Review

Third, it tingles lightly when you apply it. It's not bad, but a bit unusual!

After applying the three layers, my lips felt kind of tacky - the closest thing I could liken it to would be like if I had drying glue in a thin layer on my skin. But the third of the three tubes is a lipgloss. Not only does it add sheen, moisturize your lips, and sooth the tingling, but it also gives a surface feel finish like with traditional lipgloss. The tackiness is gone.

Best long-lasting lipstick

I really liked the color!

Best of all, it lived up to its promise - the color didn't kiss off. The clear gloss did, but that's less of a bother. I applied at 11:30am and it lasted all day! That said, it won't last through brushing your teeth or a big meal - but some light snacking or regular drinking is fine.

Want to try it yourself? Order through Lizzy's Lips and tell her you found her through this blog and you'll get 10% off!

What are your favorite lip colors? 

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