Apr 28, 2017


I'm moving! Again.

...for those of you who haven't been following my (very back-and-forth) adventures on the blog and/or my Instagram (@danaikadzere) I started off at school in Boston, graduated and moved to NYC for two year, spent two of those summers subleasing in Boston, and then moved full-time back to Cambridge this August. This February, I headed back to NYC for two months (subleasing again). And now I'm moving back to NYC full-time!

Phew. In total, I only lived in my Cambridge apartment for about six months. I'm hoping (and expecting) to spend more time in my next apartment. For starters, staying in NYC instead of subleasing in Boston.

It will be a relief to have just one home for a while and to not have to pack up everything I own and unpack it all again every few months. Plus, moving is expensive!

              Moving Tips

I love both Boston and NYC, however, so I'm glad that work will keep me connected with Boston even when I'm not there every day.

For those of you who also have a move coming up, here are a few of my (hard-earned) moving tips!

Top Three Moving Tips

1. Just ship it.

If you're moving as a single-person household and you don't have a lot of furniture that you're dearly attached to, try skipping the moving van and just shipping your stuff. I use FedEx and it costs me around $300 to ship my stuff each time that I've moved. That's not cheap, but it's a lot less than hiring movers to move my stuff down for me!

2. Pack selectively.

We're all guilty of accumulating things that don't add anything of value to our lives. Whether it's stuff we never use, knick-knacks that just lie around, gadgets that you'll 'use someday,' or clothing that you wear all the time but is really on its last legs, living just seems to create a surplus of stuff for most of us. Moving is the best time to get rid of all that clutter, trim back our closets, and unburden ourselves of the things that don't add to our happiness. 

Funny memes
Most of us don't need a singing fish for the wall.

Thanks to moving a lot, I can fit my earthly possessions into six moving boxes, a suitcase, and a duffel bag. Even so, I think it might have just been five moving boxes last fall? I threw out at least one big garbage bag full of stuff this time.

3. Resell the big stuff.

I had a gorgeous mirror that I bought when I moved here, but it was a 51.7 pound, six foot tall wooden mirror and would have cost a ridiculous amount to ship. That, plus the fact that when you ship things it's quite possible that they'll get scratched or damaged, makes it often a better idea to resell large pieces. I probably won't buy a mirror again in NYC, either, as my roommates and I will have a shared one in the bathroom and there are really many more interesting things to look at in NYC than myself!

What are your top moving tips?

How often have you moved in the last few years?

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