May 8, 2017

How To Keep an Organized Closet

I live on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, in a super cute (but also small) converted four bedroom apartment with three lovely girls who have become fast friends. I absolutely love my neighborhood, feel completely at home in my room, and am emboldened every day by the host of feminist art that decorates our common spaces. I've had many great living arrangements, but this apartment share is the best yet!

That said, it's a converted four bedroom in a prime real estate area of NYC, so I kid you not when I say storage is a hot commodity.

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I have a tall dress with a set of shelves and I keep most of my clothing there, with the less frequently worn pieces stashed away in the drawers under my bed. That's not a lot of space!

A messy closet can be such a headache, it's generally unpleasant to look at, and it can make getting dressed in the morning more challenging when you lose oversight of what your options are. Morning minutes are precious and I don't know anyone who wants to wake up earlier to deal with a messy closet!

Here's how I manage to work with limited space, but keep a neater, more organized closet than I've ever had before.

How to Keep an Organized Closet

1) Sort your stuff.

There isn't much hanging space in my closet, but I keep all the pants together with other pants, skirts together with other skirts, dresses together with other dresses, tops together with other tops, and coats together with other coats. It's easier to keep oversight that way. Similarly, I have a pajama drawer, an underwear drawer, a gym wear drawer, and a t-shirts drawer.

2) Stash special occasion clothing.

Everything that I don't wear on a weekly, or at least biweekly, basis goes into the drawers under my bed. That way, my closet isn't too crowded and the clothes I'm wearing all the time are readily accessible to me. It's also great because if I decide I want to wear something I haven't worn in a while, I know exactly where to look to find my options!

3) Get rid of things that don't get frequent use.

Unless it's a wedding dress or something else of significant sentimental value, you don't need to hold on to it if you aren't using it regularly. And no, that sad sweatshirt from your last period of post-breakup depression doesn't count.

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If you don't wear it, donate it! Then you've done something nice for someone else and freed up some valuable space in your closet. If it's past its donateable days, donate it to the rubbish bin. 

Those are my top three tips! What are your closet organizing tips?

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