May 11, 2017

How to Survive a Busy Workweek

I love startups. Anyone who knows me at all, much less middling well, knows this. Just this past November, I embarked upon my most exciting startup adventure yet - working at Forkable!

I first expressed interest as a content editor and restaurant scout, but joined the team as the general manager of Forkable's Boston Market. Within a few months, I took on management of Forkable's DC market and social media efforts. Just last week, in response to some changes to the team, I also took on Forkable's LA and Seattle markets. This week, one of my coworkers is on vacation and so I'm also running the NYC market!

How to deal with work stress

Phew. Thank goodness, NYC goes back into my coworker's very capable hands next week and I will breathe easier for it. But since I'm holding onto LA and Seattle, in addition to Boston and DC, for the next two or so months, I still have a lot on my plate!

When there's so much work and so much to keep track of, it's really easy to feel overwhelmed. I won't pretend that I'm immune to work stress - the thought of running four markets at once is still daunting to me whenever I step back and think about it! But caving in under the pressure or pulling my hair out with stress isn't good for me, it isn't good for the company, and it isn't good for our customers, who have entrusted us with their lunches. Instead, here's how I stay (relatively) sane and calm through the madness.

How to Survive a Busy Work Week

1) Get enough sleep.

It's tempting to cram extra work into the wee hours of the night, but making sure to hit 7-8 hours of sleep per night despite my workload keeps me productive, healthy, and sane. More sleep means more even mood, less likelihood of falling ill, and better ability to focus. That's worth the time investment!

2) Eat regularly. 

Skipping lunch is also oh-so-tempting when you're going non-stop, but that's when it's also the most counterproductive. On my busiest days, it might not be feasible to get away from my desk for lunch. But making sure to order some food, or have packed food ready to eat, is so important. You need fuel to keep going! Eating regularly also prevents hanger and no one deserves to have to deal with a hangry and stressed coworker.

3) Stay hydrated.

I like to keep a water bottle and/or a mug of tea on my desk when I work. That way, it's easy to stay hydrated without disrupting my workflow. Staying hydrated prevents headaches and keeps my brain working the way I need it to.

4) Optimize use of breaks by getting outside.

If I have five or ten minutes of downtime, I like to pop out for some fresh air and a little stroll, even if it's literally just down the sidewalk for the length of one city block and back.

How to prevent burnout

It lets me reconnect with the outside world and shake the cobwebs out, so I can refocus. Fresh air and movement are both energizing!

5) Turn off when you can.

The nature of my work means that I have to work on Sunday (though not a full workday) in order to prepare for Monday's operations. On Saturday, however, I try to take an uninterrupted day to myself, to think about other things. If I do need to do work-related things (and I usually do) I try to limit it to just one hour. The rest of the day is for relaxing, exercising, exploring NYC, hanging out with friends, and going on fun dates!

6) Eat the pie piece by piece.

When I think about everything I need to do, I feel my throat closing up and that fear of missing something or forgetting something and letting everyone down. Instead, I try to focus on just the next task ahead of me, and then the next one after that, and so on and so forth until it's the end of the day and I'm done with those tasks.

How do you survive busy periods at work?

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