Aug 19, 2017

Guest Post: 7 Tips for a Perfect Night of Sleep

Sleep is SO important - I am not a pleasant person when I'm sleep deprived and I doubt many of us are! Luckily, there are several things we can do to improve our sleep and here's a guest post on how to do exactly that, from sleep expert Sarah!

Expert tips on sleep

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm a proud mother of two lovely children, Patrick and Anna. I'm passionate about helping people sleep better and am one of the editors at The Sleep Advisor blog.

Try These Seven Tips for a Perfect Night of Sleep

If you’re like me, you fall asleep like a baby every single night. I absolutely recognize that not everyone is quite as lucky, but I promise you that this wasn’t something that happened overnight. It took me a couple of weeks to get my environment and routines properly set up and adjusted for amazing rest. Here are my top seven tips for a perfect night of sleep:

  1. Make your bedroom a soothing environment

If your bedroom is a soothing environment, your body will start to feel relaxed the moment that you walk through those doors each night. Try painting the walls a light soothing color like light blue, gray, or cream, and choose decorations that make you feel at peace for the best environment possible.  

You can also invest in some night-time accessories designed to help you get a better night’s sleep, like noise-cancelling headphones, a white noise machine, or even a diffuser and some essential oils.   Eucalyptus is the best if you have issues breathing at night, and lavender is the essential oil that provides the most relaxation and puts you to sleep swiftly.

2.     Limit your daily caffeine & alcohol intake

Caffeine is a substance that almost everyone recognizes as a stimulant, and something that’s in coffee or soda and good for a rough morning or when you need a pick-me up. It’s easy to convince people that caffeine should be avoided right before bed, but the truth is you should really limit your caffeine throughout the day to be able to sleep better at night, as it can linger in your system.   

The best thing to do is not drink caffeine at all after 3pm. As for alcohol, many people believe that alcohol is good to drink to be able to fall asleep more easily, and while this is true it actually doesn’t last — someone who falls asleep because of alcohol will wake up more frequently throughout the night and often not be able to go back to sleep later on. Also, both caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating for the body, and that can also cause you to wake up throughout the night and not sleep soundly.

3.     Follow a regular diet & exercise schedule

If you normally lay off the junk food, or avoid fried foods, you should keep that same diet each day. If you suddenly change the foods you eat on a daily basis, you can face heartburn or indigestion at night, which can prevent you from falling to sleep.  

Additionally, if you normally are used to exercising and suddenly change your schedule your body needs some time to adjust to that. The best thing to do is to do the same exact thing every single day, so your body knows what’s up and what’s appropriate for any given time or situation.

4.     Have comfortable bedding

Comfortable bedding isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it’s definitely a plus if you have sheets that aren’t scratchy or a comforter that doesn’t smell or have holes in it. Make sure you have bedding in materials that are comfortable, and that you aren’t allergic to, and launder them often.

5.     Buy the Right Mattress

Having the right mattress is the single most important thing you can do to have a perfect night of sleep. When purchasing one, you’ll have to make sure it’s the correct firmness, size, and made of the right materials both for maximum comfort and to limit allergies. If you’re stuck on which mattress is the best for you, you can always check online reviews and ratings to see the top picks (like The Sleep Advisor)

6.      Set the room temperature accordingly

Studies have shown that the best temperature for sleeping is between 65 and 72 degrees, although it’s really up to what is most comfortable for the sleeper.  Obviously, you may not want to keep your house that temperature the entire day for energy waste and cost reasons, but you should set your thermostat before bed for the perfect night of sound sleep.

7.      Limit stress & anxiety levels before bed

Lastly, if you’re super stressed or anxious before bed, you’ll never have a sound night of sleep.  You should limit your exposure to stressful news reports or work emails before bed, and make sure your children are tucked in well before your bedtime, because the night-time routine can be stressful for any parent.  If at all possible, you should limit looking at a computer, cell phone, or tablet before bedtime, so that the electronic glare doesn’t prevent you from falling to sleep quickly.   You can also try drinking some of these amazing teas before bed to aid with relaxation, like the Organic Better Rest Blend.

Try these tips and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in absolutely no time at all!  Sweet dreams!

What are your sleep habits like? Do you have a good sleep tip?


  1. Honestly, it comes down to your bed and choice of mattress to sleep properly. I'm also a fan of memory foam pillows over cheaper alternatives.


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