Aug 1, 2017

Review: Stabilyze Protein Bars

I really like protein bars a handy, shelf-stable snack to keep in my bag during travel, long days on set, and general busy day-to-day life. But while some protein bars can make a healthy on-the-go snack, there are SO many protein bars out there and many are little more than glorified candy bars!

Since no one wants to waste time, money, and stomach space on protein bars that aren't worth it, I'm sharing a review of a new bar I've tried recently! Stabilyze sent me a few of their bars to try and here are my thoughts.

Low Carb Protein Bars

I tried three flavors - dark chocolate thin mint cookie, dark chocolate coconut cashew, and dark chocolate peanut butter cup. All three boast nutritional stats that fit into a low glycemic lifestyle, for the carb conscious and anyone else who's disinterested in riding a blood sugar roller coaster. 

I like that, with 11-12g of whey and plantbased protein, 8g of fiber, and only 5-7g net carbs, I'm not facing a sharp energy drop an hour after eating one of these. While the ingredients lists are a bit longer and more involved than I tend to prefer, it's still worlds removed from protein bars that contain 20+g of sugar and are hardly healthier than a chocolate bar. Most of the ingredients are also part of the 'vitamin/mineral blend' that makes the bar a meal replacement option. In my opinion, protein bars aren't there to replace whole foods, but rather to supplement a primarily whole foods based diet with extra muscle-building and -maintaining, appetite-sating protein. These fit the bill!

On to flavor - all three bars feature dark chocolate as a generous coating over the chewy inner bar. I'm a major chocolate fan and like that there's no weird aftertaste from the low-carb chocolate coating!

Stabilyze Protein Bar Review

For Thin Mint fans (I'm a former Girl Scout - 12 years! - but I prefer Samoas and peanut butter sandwich cookies by a landslide), these are a great, more figure-friendly, alternative when the craving hits. I thought the chocolate-mint balance was spot on and like that there were little crunchy bits embedded in the chewy bar for a more interesting mouth feel.

Low Carb Chocolate

Next I tried the dark chocolate peanut butter cup - it was probably my favorite! It's a light brown peanut butter center that's sweet, but not too sweet, and wrapped in a dark chocolate coat. You won't mistake it for a Reese's cup, but it's way better for satisfying hunger and it's a great healthy alternative that still tastes indulgent!

After that, I tried the dark chocolate coconut cashew bar. Cashews aren't my favorite, but I enjoyed the bar and my roommate loved it! To each their own. All in all, Stabilyze bars make a very solid on-the-go snacking option and I'll be packing one in my next travel bag/for my next shoot!

What are your favorite protein bars?

What do you look for in a healthy snack?


  1. Thank you very much Danai for your review! We are so happy to hear you loved our Stabilyze bars! Please feel free to let your readers know that we are offering an inventory sale on Peanut Butter Cup flavor right now; Buy 2 Get 2 Free. We are also taste testing a Vegan/Organic Fudge Brownie Stabilyze bar if you or anyone is interested in trying it let us know.

  2. I've been eating Stabilyze bars for about 2 months now as a breakfast bar and sometimes lunch. Sometimes I only have a half a bar for breakfast, as they are filling and no crash later. I have Type II diabetes, and my dr recommended a drastic "lifestyle change", so I am hoping these will lower my A1C when I go back next month. I have lot 6 lbs, which isn't a lot, since I have cut out all gluten and most sugars, ( just what is in the bars is all the sugar I eat), and eat mostly salads. I can't find any real numbers which will help lower my A1C that have been published, so I am guessing they are good for me and will help with that. The lower glycemic index should help, But they are very tasty and I look forward to eating them.


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