Sep 8, 2017

(Green) Eating NYC: Top Veggie-Friendly Picks Around the City!

With the weekend coming up, what better time for a post to help tourists, newcomers, and lifelong New Yorkers alike eat their (veggie-friendly) way around NYC? While I only moved back to the city at the end of this past spring, after a brief stint in Boston, I've cumulatively spent about three years living in New York.

Vegetarian Guide to NYC
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In that time, I've had a lot of fun trying many different vegetarian, vegan, and veggie-friendly places in the city. Here's a list of my favorite standout places over the years - they're the ones I go back to and highly recommend!

Pure Ktchn

Location: 352 W 46th St
Price: $10-15 per meal
Great for: Quick healthy bite, vegans, a casual midtown dinner that won't weigh you down
My favorites: Their pure caesar salad!


Location: 460 Amsterdam Ave (uptown west) or 41 East 11th Ave (downtown)
Price: $15-20 per meal
Great for: Plantbased brunch, vegans, newbies to plantbased eating, and comfort food that's good for you!
My favorites: Raw sushi and the assorted veggies!


Location: 10-70 Jackson Ave, Long Island City (there's another location in Brooklyn that's actually the original location, but I've never been)
Price: $15-20 per meal
Great for: Sushi, Fish, Pescatarians and omnivore/herbivore groups, a cute date night that won't break the bank
My favorites: Tsukemono, seaweed salad, and the salmon sushi!

Juice Press

Location: Various in Manhattan
Price: $10-15 per meal
Great for: Raw vegans, vegans, healthnuts, smoothies, cold pressed juices, and something equally trendy to enjoy after a SoulCycle class
My favorite: Raw hummus wrap, raw falafel salad

Whole Foods

Location: All over the US, multiple in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Price: $5-10 per meal
Great for: Salad bar, hot foods bar, mixed omnivore/herbivore parties, a quick lunch or super informal dinner
My favorites: The salad bar and their vegetarian protein offerings (ie: falafel, various preparations of tofu and tempeh)

Dirt Candy

Location: 86 Allen Street
Price: $60-90 per dinner
Great for: Fancy vegetarian date night (we had our third date here!), plantbased foods meat-eaters will love, creative cuisine
My favorites: The chocolate onion dessert, broccoli dog


Location: Various, but we're loyal to the LIC location
Price: $10-15 per meal
Great for: Healthier comfort food, burgers and healthier burgers, a casual meal
My favorites: The build-your-own-burger veggie style with the black bean & corn patty and a collard wrap, the Berry Blue salad

Bluestone Lane Cafe

Location: 2 E 90th St
Price: $10-15 per meal
Great for: Brunch, post-Museum Mile or Central Park strolling, a cute date in a charming space
My favorites: Aside from the gorgeous setting (the interior design is featured in Architectural Digest), I also really like the Collective Granola and Balthazar Toast

What are some of your favorite veggie-friendly places in NYC?


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