Oct 12, 2017

Review: Swanson Vitamins

Living in NYC, the cost of everything is sky high. Some expenses, like ridiculously bloated rent and ever-rising subway fare that definitely doesn't reflect how frequently there are delays and closures, we just have to accept and chalk it up to the cost of admission to be a New Yorker.

But some expenses, like the overpriced non-perishable snacks and ingredients in city groceries and cornerstores, we don't have to put up with. Ordering non-perishables online, especially in bulk, can save quite a lot of money! I recently had the opportunity to try out Swanson Vitamins, an online retailer for health foods, snacks, and supplements, and here are my thoughts!


I was really pleased with them on this front. A 6.5oz jar of PB2 costs a whopping $7.85 at my local grocery, but only $3.99 on Swanson Vitamins! Likewise, a Quest bar costs $2.99 at my local grocery and $3.99 (!!) at my local cornerstore, but only $2.09 when bought in bulk (a pack of 12, so not even huge bulk) on Swanson Vitamins. 

Other products had similar savings, so I was really pleased - even if you don't buy enough to get free shipping, it doesn't take much shopping for savings to cancel out the shipping cost. Cost efficiency is definitely a plus for Swanson Vitamins!


I was super impressed here! I love trying out new products and have tried a lot of what's out there, so I wasn't expecting them to show me a lot of new snacks, or at least not snacks so new that I've never even heard of them. But they did! Even for just PB2, they not only have the usual original flavor and chocolate flavor, but they also offer PB2 with grape and PB2 with strawberry. Exciting! Variety is definitely also a plus for Swanson Vitamins.


They're not the fastest service on the block, though they just might be the cheapest and most diverse for health foods (or certainly among the best on those fronts). I ordered on Thursday and received my package the following Wednesday. That's not crazy-slow, but it's also not impressively fast. All in all, I'd call speed neither a plus nor a minus for Swanson Vitamins - just neutral.


They were flawless on this front - I got everything just as I ordered it. After having two wrong orders in a row from Walmart.com (so frustrating, time-consuming, and totally counter to the convenience of shopping online), it was a relief that they didn't sacrifice accuracy for speed. I'd choose the right order a day later over the wrong order a day earlier any day! Accuracy is a plus for Swanson Vitamins.

Overall Value

Definitely a win! I'll be ordering from them again. They're a great value, have pretty much everything I want, and plenty that I didn't even know that I wanted, but am excited to try. Thanks, Swanson Vitamins, for making big city living a little more affordable!

What percentage of your groceries do you buy online?

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