Jan 8, 2018

Busy Girl Fitness

When my friends moan about trying to get healthy, or letting a fitness resolution falter, the most common complaint is just not having the time or bandwidth to prioritize health. I'm going to go against the grain and say that's totally fine.

Sometimes I prioritize my health and sometimes I don't, but I always manage to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Finding a healthy lifestyle that's sustainable even when other things are in the foreground is key to long term health (and sanity)! Here's what works for me. You may find that some of these tips work for you and some of them don't, because everyone is different and everyone's needs are different. Feel free to pick and choose!

Cap your day with fitness.

I find that, especially when I'm busy, I just don't find the time to work out sometime during the day. I also find I'm too tired at the end of the day, or I have "just one more thing" to do until suddenly it's bedtime and I haven't moved all day. Starting every day with a little activity works best for me! It becomes routine and it sets me up to feel good all day! 

Black Fitness

If I have a lot of time that can be a full workout, but if I'm busy, even 5-15 minutes of at home calisthenics or a few trips bounding up and down the stairs, followed by some light stretching, is much better than nothing! It also sets me up to want to move more during the day, subconsciously.

Make things a little more difficult for yourself.

I know we're all about making things easier in this techno age, but sometimes making things a little more difficult can be good. Getting lunch? Instead of ordering in, go walk the three blocks to that local place you like. You can call your order in ahead (or place it as a pickup order online) so it won't take much longer than ordering in, and you'll have added some fresh air and physical activity to your day. Unless it's seriously terrible weather, I refuse to order delivery from places that are within a seven to ten block radius of me. It's the budget babe in me who stays firm (picking it up yourself saves on delivery costs and tipping, which really adds up over a year) but my health benefits, too!

Eat something fresh with every meal.

Salads are great, but committing to eating a salad every day isn't realistic for all of us. Especially when January is over and resolutions are just a distant memory. But by making a habit of eating some produce with every meal, you make sure you're still getting all the nutrients you need, salad or no. 

Red Poke NYC
Salmon Poke Bowl from Red Poke in NYC - I'm obsessed!

It's easier than you think! Having cereal? Throw in some berries. Making pancakes? Grate some carrots into the batter. Having a sandwich? Add some lettuce or chop up some celery sticks to eat with peanut butter on the side. If every meal has something fresh, you'll get at least three servings of fruits and veggies per day - five if you include snacks!

Consider a standing desk.

I personally would hate to go back to a fully sitting desk. I feel so stiff at the end of a day's work that's all sitting and I'm most creative when I'm able to move a little. Standing makes me feel like I'm not chained to my desk. Whether or not it's true, I feel like I could prance off at any moment to have a great adventure!

Convertible desks are hella pricey, but a simple standing desk extension is cheap, portable and does the trick to allow you some flexibility to stand a couple hours a day. I found one on Amazon that doubles as a laptop desk for when I'm sitting on the couch, so I don't get the dreaded warm laptop lap!

Keep water at hand at all times.

Just having a glass of water on my desk makes me mindlessly drink so much more than I would otherwise. My boyfriend can (and does) gulp water by the multiple glasses when he drinks, but I'm much more of a sipper. I have to be reallllly thirsty to want to drink a whole glass of water in one go. By keeping water on hand, I still drink enough, even though I'm just sipping throughout the day. My skin thanks me!

That's it for now, but I hope that helps! Do you have any busy girl fitness tips? I'd love to hear your advice in the comments!

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