Mar 12, 2018

Review: No Cow

If you're at all into fitness and you've been anywhere near Instagram, you've seen the craze about Quest bars. Low carb, low sugar, high protein and high fiber, they're great - unfortunately, they're not vegan-friendly. If you're plantbased, or just trying to go dairy free, then they're just not an option, since they lean heavily on whey protein.


Luckily, there's a bar with as impressive stats as Quest bars and a much more natural (and plantbased) ingredients list!

No Cow Bar Review

No Cow bars started as D's Naturals quite some time ago, but have since expanded and reformulated their bars. While I enjoyed the original No Cow bars occasionally (and I really liked their nutritional stats and virtuous ingredients lists) they were a bit dry/crumbly tasting sometimes. The flavors were delicious, though, the textures could just use some work.

The new formula has taken care of that!

No Cow Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar Review

These bars are moist, flavorful, sweet (but naturally sweetened and still incredibly low in sugar), and while they're higher calorie than the original bars and now some of them contain palm oil, they're not more than comparative sized protein bars, both vegan and not.

Many of us have mixed feelings on the dairy industry, as well as on how healthy whey is, so it's great to have a plantbased bar option that's delicious and has stats to rival the best non-vegan bar out there. Often vegan bars are more dried fruit and nut based, with 15-20+ grams of sugar. This one has just 1g of sugar!

Even more exciting, they've made protein cookies! Spoiler: these are now among my favorite cookies, protein or not. Their stats are pretty similar to the bars - they're just a bit higher calorie, but they feature quite similar ingredients and still boast a lot of protein and fiber alongside amazingly low sugar counts.

No Cow Protein Cookies Review

I tried Snickerdoodle (cinnamony, soft, and delicious) and Double Chocolate. The Double Chocolate Cookie was my clear favorite of all the No Cow products I've tried. No wonder, I love chocolate!

No Cow Double Chocolate Cookie'

They're non-dairy, delicious, and good enough for me to feel good about eating even every day. Right now the only con is that I haven't seen them in stores as much, but it would be SO great if they made it to GNC, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, CVS, Duane Reade, Lucky Vitamin, etc. I'd buy these all the time!

Fingers crossed that more people discover this delicious gem of a protein snack and drive up demand very quickly, so that these will be available everywhere! This post is entirely self interested - I hope you read this review, get excited about these cookies, and go out and buy them (or order them online!) in numbers that make every day stores take notice, so that I can find them everywhere soon. You won't regret it!

Have you tried No Cow Cookies?

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