Apr 8, 2018

Review: New Arctic Zero!

Ice cream is probably my favorite dessert and I love finding ice cream varieties that are less heavy than the standard. Ice cream is delicious and the fully indulgent stuff is good now and then, but having regular ice cream daily can make me feel sluggish and weighed down, which is no fun at all.

Arctic Zero is a pioneer in the light, high protein ice cream alternative space, but for a while there they were edged out by Halo Top for tastiness - the original Arctic Zero creamy pints and even the newer chunky pints just didn't have the same creamy mouthfeel of full fat ice cream. No wonder, since they're more of a frozen protein shake. Still, when you're feeling less virtuous, it didn't quite hit the spot. The new Arctic Zero flavors, made with real cream and no sugar alcohols, do!

These pints are still better for you than traditional ice cream - they're mostly 360 calories per pint, with a few flavors just under that, and are lower in fat and sugar than traditional ice cream. They also come in plenty of delicious flavors!

Arctic Zero Ice Cream

I was most excited to try the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies, Cookies & Cream, and Cookie & Brownie Dough pints, but the Toffee Crunch was a close second.

Light Ice Cream Review Arctic Zero

Bae was most excited for the Chocolate Chunk (because if anyone loves chocolate more than me, it's him), as well as the Mint & Chocolate Cookies.

Lastly, there's the Vanilla Bean - it's the lightest of the flavors, just 280 calories for a whole pint, and is a great, creamy base for milkshakes, topping for pies, etc.

All in all, we really enjoyed all seven new flavors! They are so different from the original Arctic Zero flavors and lovers of Halo Top will be huge fans. I preferred some of these flavors (though it's a pity that they don't have dairy free pints - yet?), so these would win out over Halo Top for me on a grocery trip. Especially the Cookies & Cream and Cookies & Brownie Dough!

Arctic Zero Cookies & Brownie Dough

They're so indulgent, you'll seriously doubt that they're less than 400 calories per pint, rather than per serving.

I definitely recommend checking these out!

What are your favorite ice cream flavors?

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