Jun 28, 2018

Style Post: Fairytales & Frolicking

I've loved fairytales for as long as I can remember.

Fairytales were the first sort of story I ever wrote, back when one sentence took up a whole page, in crayon no less. The first book I've published under my own name through an indie press, The Princess Games, is a fairytale (if you haven't read it, please check it out!). Fairytales are the one certainty in my always-in-flux life.

I know I'll read them, write them, and love them forever.

I'm a relatively reasonable person in the ways that matter to be a functional adult, but I love fantasy and I love incorporating elements of fantasy into my everyday life. One of my favorite ways to do so is with fashion!

Affordable Fairytale Fashion

And it certainly doesn't hurt when a fairytale door presents itself, an unexpected gift from the universe. Day, made.

In just a few short weeks, I'll be back in Germany, land of castles, with my family. I can't wait!

Still, it is very, very welcome when lovely surprises, like this door, insert themselves into my life in the present. What better way to enjoy the anticipation of an incredibly lovely thing than with the enjoyment of a lovely thing?

One must twirl and be grateful!

Fairytale Fashion

Disney Girl Fashion

Princess Dress

Twirling Girl in a Princess Dress

Sparkly shoes are never far - if I have a signature look, it's definitely sparkly pink shoes - and a very fun pair of earrings complete the look.

I found the choker at the Forever 21 on Fifth Avenue a few months ago. It's very soft, velvet or something like it, and fastens easily in the back by a hook. 

The dress is from ASOS, which has been a veritable treasure trove of affordable fashion finds lately. I highly recommend checking them out, especially if you enjoy dresses!

The door is courtesy of New York City and its own fairytale magic. The city may have its unsavory smells, its human and machine cacophony, and its fair share of socio-economic problems, but it also has a unique magic that never fails to make me fall in love.

What are your favorite fairytales?


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