Jun 20, 2018

Style Post: Summer Brights without Splurging!

I'm back with another style post and *surprise, surprise* it's another summer dress look!

Multicultural street style

I know, I know. I have a problem.

Cute summer dress mixed girl

But what's not to love about summer dresses?

They're light.

They're bright.

Affordable Summer Fashion

They twirl well.

They take two seconds to put on and you don't have to coordinate anything. 

They can be quite affordable (like this one from Forever 21).

Affordable Fashion Blogger

There are so many different styles and they draw inspiration in fabric, print, pattern, and cut from so many different sources.

I love that this one has kimono vibes, but it's also summery and bright, in a modern cotton that's perfect for early or late summer!

Summer Fashion Tips

Finding a cute dress with long sleeves can be so hard, but it's such a handy item of clothing - it works on days that go from warm to cool quickly, or on less volatile days that just aren't warm enough to have both your arms and legs exposed. 

Mixed Girl Fashion

My legs don't really get cold, but my upper body is more temperature sensitive, so this long-sleeved mini-dress is perfect!

Cute Summer Dresses

It's a simple machine wash, with no ironing needed, and it works perfectly with my go-to sandals. Cute, frolick-y fun that passes for work attire by start up standards.

Forever 21 Summer Dress Review

It doesn't fix my problem of being distracted by anything and everything while doing a blogger outfit shoot, but it's cute enough to make that irrelevant. Right?

Frugal Fashion Tips

I like to pair a summer dress with cute footwear (because going barefoot in NYC, or any other major urban area, would be both disgusting and dangerous) and a few cute accessories.

Kimono Style Summer Dress

In this case, a choker (my favorite kind of necklace) and my favorite garnet earrings complete the look!

Do you have favorite jewelry or accessories? Do you wear them all the time or reserve them for special occasions? 

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