Jun 22, 2018

Style Post: Vivid Blues and Sparkly Shoes!

Another day, another dress! I strive to live a bold, beautiful life, where I do what makes me happy and bring more light and positivity to the world along the way.

Danai Kadzere ASOS Dress Review

I'm not saying how I dress does that. It doesn't. But it's a fun way to remind myself that life is lovely and, even when it tests you, you must keep your chin up! 

Danai Kadzere Blue ASOS Dress

I also regularly make strangers smile with my colorful rainboots and bright pink umbrellas, and who doesn't want to inspire a smile on a dreary, rainy day in the city? We could all smile more and the world would be all the lovelier for it!

Kate Spade Sparkly Pink Shoes Review

Like the late Kate Spade, who designed the sparkly pink flats I'm wearing in this post (which happen to also be my current favorite shoes) I wish to leave a little sparkle wherever I go.

People have been calling me 'Diana' a lot lately and I choose to believe that that's because they see a bit of her charm in me, and not just because they're lowkey dyslexic.

Girl in Beautiful Blue Dress

This is an outfit fit for a proper tea, with scones and jam and clotted cream. 

When I was younger, I loved baking scones and having the lovely seated tea described above with my mom and big sister. 

Kate Spade x Keds Collaboration Review

Yes, I have two sisters and no, I didn't exclude the younger (adorable) one - she just wasn't born yet. But we all love her very much now that she's with us!

Neither of my sisters loves dresses as much as I do, nor do they share my obsession with all things pink and sparkly, but they both have styles that I respect and enjoy. I'm curious what's more common with same sex siblings - similar styles or different ones? I guess we're all quite independent, though I'm so glad that they're there to anchor to!

Is your style similar or dissimilar to your siblings' style(s)?

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