About Me


I'm a twenty-something storyteller, living between Boston and NYC!

I work in content marketing, writing, blogging, and acting (with the occasional bit of commercial and beauty modeling in there, leftover from my more serious modeling days), and whenever I'm not dreaming up a story or a way to tell a company's story, I'm looking for new foods or recipes to try!

 Though I write pretty much everything, my writing passions are children's and middle grade novels.

In addition to books, I love fashion, baking/cooking/trying yummy food, traveling, biology, international relations, and having new adventures!

I'll share recipes and photos of my travel whenever I can!

You can also feel free email me at livinglearningeating (AT) googlemail (DOT) com if you want me to ask me any questions, if you want me to review your product/book/cafe/whatever, if you want to trade guest posts, or if you just feel like it. :)


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