May 27, 2016

Superfood of the Day: Tigernuts

Have you heard of tigernuts?

The latest superfood craze, especially among fans of the paleo diet, is not a nut - it's actually a small root vegetable!

Tigernuts make a great snack, either straight out of the bag or after an overnight soak in water to soften them. My favorite way to eat them is out of the bag, because I like the crunch!

There are many reasons to eat tigernuts. They may look like wooden beads, but they're also rich in a variety of important minerals and in the prebiotic fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in our large intestines!

I recently tried an assortment of tigernut products from Organic Gemini.

Organic Gemini has a nice variety of tigernut products, beyond the two types of raw tigernut granola and raw tigernut snacks that I tried. Their snacks and granola fit into pretty much any healthy diet - they're non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, paleo, nut free, organic, and made by real people in Brooklyn. It's always nice to know where your food comes from!

May 21, 2016

The Old and The New

Life is full of old things that appear in our lives in new ways. Sometimes we re-purpose old belongings, sometimes we re-visit old places, sometimes we try new versions of old things.

I love the old-new combination and here are some of the old-new things in my life right now!

Old jacket, new shoes -

Remember this jacket from last year? Pairing it with new pieces makes it more fun and great for late spring/early summer in Boston!

The gold sneakers give it some warm weather pizzazz.

May 16, 2016

Style Post: Seeing Stars

Do you remember that cute eShakti coat I posted about last year? eShakti doesn't just make custom fit and super chic outerwear. They also make really cute customized dresses!

I liked the original version of this dress when I saw it on their website, but it was still pretty chilly in NYC, so I swapped to long from short sleeves. 

I also swapped the scoop neck for a high neck, because I think they look so nice on mini dresses. 

I love that you can start with a design that you like and adjust it to get exactly the dress that you want!

The dresses can also be customized for skirt length, so you can go mini, midi, or maxi, depending on your preferences. 

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