Feb 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Awesome

There are a lot of reasons why being in a relationship is great, but there are also a ton of reasons why being single is awesome!

Here are five to start.

1) Movie night is always what you want to watch night.

Captain America?

                             meme do not want
HA. I'll have Tangled, please, and who cares that I'm not seven or under four feet tall?

Feb 23, 2015

Ziegelmeier's: It's What's For Breakfast!

Breakfast is my hands-down favorite meal of the day - so much that I often enjoy having breakfast for lunch and/or dinner, too!

I love finding new healthy food brands, especially small, family-owned brands, so I was thrilled to stumble upon Ziegelmeier's on Etsy!

The Oklahoma-based, family-run company makes really yummy (I can vouch for it) toasted pecan butter, glazed pecan poppers, and pecan-packed granola! It's run by a busy mom and a Desert Storm veteran dad -

- but I'm pretty sure their two kids help out, too. At the very least with the taste-testing. It's important work, someone has to do it!

I tried the Organic Chocolate Pecan Cranberry Granola and two kinds of pecan butter - a crunchy toasted pecan butter and a creamy toasted pecan butter!

The granola was delicious and the flavors worked together really well. It was perfectly sweet, but not too sweet, and the chocolate lent a delightful indulgence to the whole grain breakfast treat.

Unsurprisingly, given that they're the company's specialty, the toasted pecan butters steal the show. They're vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, free of chemical additives, free of preservatives, paleo-friendly, made in small batches, and free of added oils.

There are no fillers to be found here, these nut butters are healthy pecans through and through!

Of the two, crunchy is my favorite because I love having different textures.

The pecan butter is delicious on anything - bread, cereal, the aforementioned granola, yogurt, muffins, sweet potatoes, etc. I would suggesting getting the quart size, because it's so delicious that you'll otherwise find the jar empty, a well-loved spoon by its side.

A spoonful of this pecan butter is such a yummy, creamy treat!

If you're feeling creative and/or have some spare time on your hands, check out their website for an extensive recipe database to please any pecan fan! Next on my to-make list are the Toasted Pecan Praline Bon Bons and Z's Toasted Pecan Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. How great do both of those sound?

Follow Ziegelmeier's on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on latest developments, new products, and sales!

Have you tried pecan butter?

Do you prefer crunchy or creamy nut butter?

Feb 21, 2015

Why Undergarments Complete A Look

When we talk about perfecting a look, we tend to talk about things like the right shoe pairing, the right accessories, the right makeup, etc.

Often we neglect the most fundamental of things - no matter how great your outfit is, it's not going to be amazing if your undergarments aren't up-to-par! Undergarments are what take a good outfit to the next level - the Super-good level.

Since just wearing a superhero outfit isn't all that socially acceptable in most parts of the western world.
'But no one sees my undergarments - why do they matter?' That's a rookie mistake. There are so, so many reasons why undergarments are arguably one of the most important components of a great outfit!

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