May 4, 2016

Time Savers: Tips and Tricks from Mom

Happy hump day! As we pass over the hump of the week and the weekend comes into view, so does something very special - Mother's Day!

My mother just moved back to Germany last summer, so this is the first Mother's Day where she'll be overseas. She is an absolutely amazing mother who always was and still is there for my sisters and me when we need her. She's even there when we don't need her, but just want her.

In South Africa :) Left to right: my big sister, me, my mom (our dog below)
She also taught us all sorts of important time saving tricks:

* Pre-soak shirts in the sink if there's a stain, so you don't spend ages scrubbing.

* Organize assignments in writing, ideally in an agenda but a stray napkin will do in a pinch, to prevent midterm freak-outs.

* Have an assigned cleaning day so that you actually get it done regularly and don't have to waste hours on a deep clean when the squalor becomes unbearable.

* Always use a cast iron skillet pan when you're making pancakes.

Recipe here!
* Cook favorite meals in bulk and freeze leftovers to save on cooking time.

* Be a good person, so you don't have to waste time feeling crappy.

She definitely deserves to feel special this Mother's Day. Now that we don't live in the same country anymore, or even the same continent, gifting is a little bit trickier. But not impossible!

Whether it's to send money for a shopping trip for a spa day or a special meal out, there has to be a convenient and secure way to send money overseas. There is! Especially during holidays, like Mother's Day, it's so great that PayPal and Paypal's Xoom are a fast and secure way to send money anywhere, even overseas - like to my mom in Germany!

 Xoom is a PayPal service that powers international payments to family and friends in more than 40 countries around the world - and the number one recipient group of Xoom payments is mothers!

May 1, 2016

How To Find A Summer Sublease

I cannot remember the last time that I have lived in the same city for a solid year. I live primarily in NYC these days, and have for almost two years now, but there's always a month here, two months there...

image get the idea. As such, I now consider myself somewhat of an old hat at finding subleases, especially in busy cities like Boston and NYC.

The first time I looked for a sublease, no less in NYC, it felt like falling into an internet pit of inflated rents, stock photos, and poorly written descriptions.


Don't worry, it's not really so scary! I just found my summer sublease in Boston 1.5 weeks ago and I'll be moving back up for the season in just 2 weeks. Yay!

Read on for the best places to look for subleases, whether you're budget-minded or more concerned with amenities.

Apr 28, 2016

Style: Florals and Fitting Out

Fashion isn't just about clothing. I'm not an egg short of a full carton, I just mean that while clothing is, of course, part of fashion, you're not done once you've picked out the clothes for your outfit. 

In other words, clothing is necessary for great style, but not sufficient. Accessories finish a look

Accessories are all too often overlooked because, unlike pants, no one is going to raise an eyebrow if you forget them. You'll feel under-dressed if you forget to put on a shirt one day, but the same usually doesn't apply for a bracelet.

But, like lingerie, your accessories can change how you feel in your outfit and throughout your day. 

It's great when other people appreciate our style, but most important is that we appreciate our own style and that it makes us feel good and comfortable in our own skin.

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