Oct 15, 2018

Prepared is Powerful

Roughly 1 in 2 people is a woman.

Roughly 1 in 2 women may need emergency contraception at some point in their lives.

Preventeza Emergency Contraceptive

Women's health is important and it's always amazing to me how uneven women's health education is in different areas. While I've been fortunate to have never needed an emergency contraceptive, I'm also very lucky in that I have a mother who always encouraged very open communication and made sure I wasn't misinformed or embarrassed about my body and my health needs.

I recently received a super awesome Prepared Is Powerful kit from Preventeza™ from Vagisil® with InfluenceHer Collective, so I had to share what I learned with you guys! There are so many misconceptions out there about emergency contraceptives.

Safe Sex Practices

Let's start by clearing up a big concern a lot of people have: Preventeza™ is NOT an abortion pill. It does not end a pregnancy, it helps stop pregnancy before it can happen. Take one Preventeza™ within 72 hours of unprotected sex or birth control failure to prevent pregnancy before it can happen.

It contains the same ingredient as most birth control pills and is available without a prescription! You can buy Preventeza™ online and the boxes come stamped with dates through which they're effective and mine are effective for a full year! Perfect to keep in the medicine cabinet, just in case.

The Morning After

The condom breaks? Preventeza™. You got carried away? Preventeza™ (and an STI check, please!). Whatever the reason, Preventeza™ protects you from finding yourself in the terrible position of having an unwanted pregnancy, and there's no reason whatsoever that you shouldn't keep some on hand! I'll take prepared over panicked any day, and I'd rather take a Preventeza™ than spend anxious weeks waiting for my period to come.

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Oct 7, 2018

25 Years, 25 Lessons

The Boy recently made me aware that it was my half birthday. In honor of being halfway through 25 (a bit more than halfway by now), I'm taking a moment to look back.

Girl at the beach

Here are 25 lessons I've learned in the last 25 years. There's no particular order and some are pretty random, but I hope you learn something and/or are amused!

25 Lessons of 25

1. The ocean is my happy place.

Beautiful Mixed Girl

2. Relationships are what's most important.

3. You can't please everyone.

4. Never use regular dish detergent in the dishwasher.

5. Roommate compatibility is key.

6. Hot water + turmeric + honey = delicious, spicy, soothing drink. Try it and thank me!

7. There's something lovable in everyone.

Natural Beauty

8. You don't owe anyone affection.

9. You don't have to give everyone a shot.

10. Always being kind always feels better.

Sep 8, 2018

Review: One Bars

There are so many protein bars out there, with something for just about every flavor, texture, and consistency preference and just about every dietary need. 

While protein bars can make a really convenient snack, since they're generally individually packaged, shelf stable for months or more, and not messy or smelly to eat, some protein bars can be loaded with up to 30g of sugar. I don't think I'm in the minority when I say that a protein bar should have more protein than it has sugar! And it should also have less sugar than a Snicker's bar. One Bars (formerly OhYeah! bars) have nutritional stats worthy of a protein bar - 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar per bar. That's great for keeping blood sugar levels even and energy levels steady!

They also come in a nice variety of different dessert-y flavors!

One Bar Review

The bars all taste quite different, but they all share some important similarities.

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